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MS Easy Doser

SKU: 4309610

The MS Easy Doser (Medicator) is developed for situations where products are required to be dosed into the water proportionately to the flow. One pump hose will be standard assembled and one hose will be delivered as a reserve.
Characteristics MS Easy Doser:

  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Will be connected to 12 Volts power
  • System makes use of a peristaltic pump which has the advantage that dosed products, regardless of the aggressiveness, will not come in contact with the working parts of the pump but only with the pump hose.  
  • Dosages can be set up to 1:100.000
  • An accurate dosage will be achieved through the unique system of continuous monitors
  • The total water flow (litres) and effective water flow (litres per hour) will be showed on the display
  • The dosed products will be pumped directly into the pipe line or in the header tank
  • When the Easy Doser is not used as dosing pump, it can act as water meter by the function "meter only"
  • Depending on the capacity which the Easy Doser should have, there is the possibility of 3 flow sensors